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一、单选题(共 50 道试题,共 100 分。)V 1.??Boris has brains. In fact,I doubt whether anyone in the class has ____________IQ.
A. a high
B. a higher
C. the higher
D. the highest
? ?? ?满分:2??分
2.??The young driver looked over the engine carefully lest it____________on the way.
A. goes wrong
B. should go wrong
C. went wrong
D. would go wrong
? ?? ?满分:2??分
3.??If you have made a decision, please stick _______ what you want.
A. to
B. up
C. of
D. for
? ?? ?满分:2??分
4.??They will____to Paris next year.
A. trip
B. get
C. visit
D. travel
? ?? ?满分:2??分
5.??The iron,_____, breathes air as we do.
A. as it was
B. as it were
C. as it is
D. as it will
? ?? ?满分:2??分
6.??His father is ____________than his mother.
A. older four years
B. as four years older
C. four years older
D. four years bigger
? ?? ?满分:2??分
7.??The two elements ____________water is made are the oxygen and hydrogen.
A. that
B. which
C. of which
D. with which
? ?? ?满分:2??分
8.??Whenever she asks____help , he is always ready to help.
A. with
B. for
C. in
D. to
? ?? ?满分:2??分
9.??I can't do my homework with all this noise____________.
A. is going on
B. to go on
C. gone on
D. going on
? ?? ?满分:2??分
10.??The reason I plan to go is ____________if I don't.
A. because she will be unhappy
B. that she will be unhappy
C. what she will be unhappy
D. for she will be unhappy
? ?? ?满分:2??分
11.??The manager will not _______ us to see use his car.
A. have
B. let
C. agree
D. allow
? ?? ?满分:2??分
12.??—Could you be so kind as to turn down that rock “n” roll? I am preparing for tomorrow's exam. —________
A. It's none of your business.
B. What are you doing?
C. Sure. Sorry to disturb you.
D. No, I don't think so.
? ?? ?满分:2??分
13.??Why____ with him? He’ll never change his mind.
A. argued
B. argue
C. arguing
D. to argue
? ?? ?满分:2??分
14.??When you read a book in a hurry, you can _________ some less important details.
A. leave
B. skid
C. skip
D. skin
? ?? ?满分:2??分
15.??The town is about _________ ride from here.
A. two hour
B. two hour's
C. two hours'
D. two-hours
? ?? ?满分:2??分
16.??____________, he slipped through the window.
A. With anyone noticing
B. With anyone noticed
C. Without anyone noticing
D. Without nobody noticed
? ?? ?满分:2??分
17.??Do ____________you are told; otherwise you will be punished.
A. that
B. what
C. which
D. whom
? ?? ?满分:2??分
18.??____to the Chinese Culture Club.You can learn Beijing opera here.
A. Coming
B. Welcome
C. Well come
D. Will come
? ?? ?满分:2??分
19.??— What was his performance like? — Oh, it couldn't have been____________.
A. much wonderful
B. more wonderful
C. less wonderful
D. the most wonderful
? ?? ?满分:2??分
20.??Is this the place ____________the exhibition was held?
A. where
B. that
C. on which
D. the one
? ?? ?满分:2??分
21.??—You have lovely children. —_______________.
A. No, no, no. They are not
B. Oh, no, no
C. You're talking too much
D. Thanks
? ?? ?满分:2??分
22.??I think English is____________than Japanese.
A. much important
B. important
C. much more important
D. more much important
? ?? ?满分:2??分
23.??Mrs. Lee will move into her new house next Monday, ____________it will be completely furnished.
A. by that time
B. by the time
C. by which time
D. by some time
? ?? ?满分:2??分
24.??Economics, several courses of which I have taken thus far, ____________to be difficult but useful for almost all students.
A. prove
B. proves
C. have been proved
D. are proved
? ?? ?满分:2??分
25.??I went to the post office,only_____ it was closed.
A. finding
B. to find
C. to be finding
D. found
? ?? ?满分:2??分
26.??____________is a fact that English is accepted as an international language.
A. What
B. This
C. That
D. It
? ?? ?满分:2??分
27.??Cattle____________to graze on the village common.
A. are allowed
B. is allowed
C. allows
D. allow
? ?? ?满分:2??分
28.??I will give this book to____________wants to have it.
A. whomever
B. whoever
C. whatever
D. wherever
? ?? ?满分:2??分
29.??Either Mr. Lee or the students______ to clean the blackboard.
A. had
B. has
C. have
D. having
? ?? ?满分:2??分
30.??My friend ____ to visit the Great Wall, too.
A. does not plan
B. plan not
C. not plans
D. plans
? ?? ?满分:2??分
31.??The country is faced with great problems, starvation____________the top of them.
A. has been
B. is
C. being
D. is being
? ?? ?满分:2??分
32.??He was ________ the Nobel prize for his new discovery.
A. offered
B. informed
C. rewarded
D. awarded
? ?? ?满分:2??分
33.??That tree looked as if it____________for a long time.
A. hasn't watered
B. hadn't been watered
C. didn't water
D. wasn't watered
? ?? ?满分:2??分
34.??The more he tried to help her,____________she seemed to appreciate it.
A. less
B. the less
C. the least
D. the lesser
? ?? ?满分:2??分
35.??We cannot judge a person simply on the ___ of his education.
A. condition
B. basis
C. principle
D. theory
? ?? ?满分:2??分
36.??—This box is too heavy for me to carry upstairs. —________.
A. You may ask for help.
B. Let me give you a hand.
C. Please do me a favor.
D. I'd come to help.
? ?? ?满分:2??分
37.??Liu Fang studies much better than ____________student in his class.
A. any
B. any other
C. the other
D. other
? ?? ?满分:2??分
38.??Four hours______ too long for him to write the letter.
A. has
B. are
C. is
D. have
? ?? ?满分:2??分
39.??Our English professor is very____in using chopsticks.
A. skilled
B. great
C. likely
D. good
? ?? ?满分:2??分
40.??I have not found my book yet. In fact, I'm not sure ____________ I could have done with it.
A. if
B. whether
C. how
D. what
? ?? ?满分:2??分
41.??This western restaurant is superior____________the one we went to last week.
A. than
B. to
C. as
D. for
? ?? ?满分:2??分
42.??—Hurry up please, or I'll be late. —_______
A. Sorry sir, but the traffic is thick now.
B. Well, it's alright, sir.
C. How can you say that, sir?
D. Oh, we are going the right way.
? ?? ?满分:2??分
43.??After a number of disagreements with the committee, the chairman decided to_____.
A. withdraw
B. resign
C. retire
D. retreat
? ?? ?满分:2??分
44.??It's already 5 o'clock now. Don't you think it's about time____________?
A. we are going home
B. we go home
C. we went home
D. we can go home
? ?? ?满分:2??分
45.??It was ______fun to play on the beach that it attracted countless children.
A. such great
B. so great
C. such a great
D. so great a
? ?? ?满分:2??分
46.??The company official ____________ I thought would be fired received a raise.
A. whom
B. whoever
C. who
D. which
? ?? ?满分:2??分
47.??War and peace ____________a constant theme in the history of the world.
A. is
B. are
C. have been
D. has been
? ?? ?满分:2??分
48.??He told me how he had given me shelter and food without which I ____________of hunger.
A. would have died
B. would die
C. would be died
D. will die
? ?? ?满分:2??分
49.??—Do you mind my smoking here? —_________.
A. No, thanks.
B. Yes, I do.
C. Yes. I'd rather not.
D. Good idea.
? ?? ?满分:2??分
50.??Do you know ____________?
A. when does the party start
B. whether the party starts
C. what time the party starts
D. if the party starts
? ?? ?满分:2??分

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