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一、单选题(共 25 道试题,共 100 分。)V 1.??We are interested in the weather because it ______ us so directly — what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.
A. benefits
B. affects
C. affects
D. effects
? ?? ?满分:4??分
2.??A suitcase with a shirt, trousers and shoes _______ stolen from the car.
A. have been
B. has
C. was
D. are
? ?? ?满分:4??分
3.??I do not intend to follow that, because we shall have an opportunity to do so on another ______.
A. occasion
B. situation
C. condition
D. environment
? ?? ?满分:4??分
4.??The government official explained that there’s no point _______ about the cultural gap in that city.
A. to worry
B. with them worrying
C. in worrying
D. worry
? ?? ?满分:4??分
5.??— I'm afraid I've got a terrible flu.— ____________________________
A. Never mind
B. Keep away from me
C. Better go and see a doctor
D. You need be more careful
? ?? ?满分:4??分
6.??— May I see the menu, please? I’ve been waiting an hour already— __________________
A. That is the menu, sir
B. Yes, please go on
C. Here you are, sir
D. Of course, sir
? ?? ?满分:4??分
7.??If he _______such a good chance, he would have planned to learn more.
A. was giving
B. had given
C. had been given
D. was to give
? ?? ?满分:4??分
8.??— What a beautiful dress you’re wearing!— __________________.
A. No, thanks
B. Thank you
C. Yes, it is
D. Sorry, it isn’t
? ?? ?满分:4??分
9.??The police are________ the two missing children.
A. looking out
B. looking after
C. looking for
D. looking on
? ?? ?满分:4??分
10.??For a successful business, friendly and _______ staff are essential.
A. sufficient
B. effective
C. efficient
D. respective
? ?? ?满分:4??分
11.??— Would you like a cup of coffee?— __________________.
A. It’s very kind of you
B. No, I wouldn’t
C. Yes, please
D. Here you are
? ?? ?满分:4??分
12.??He’s determined to finish the job __________long it takes.
A. no matter
B. however
C. wherever
D. whatever
? ?? ?满分:4??分
13.??— Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?— __________________.
A. Yes, you may borrow
B. Yes, go on
C. Yes, help yourself
D. It doesn’t matter
? ?? ?满分:4??分
14.??— I’m going to America for a holiday next week.— __________________.
A. Goodbye
B. Wish you success
C. For sure
D. That’s great
? ?? ?满分:4??分
15.??These two areas are similar _______ they both have a high rainfall during this season.
A. that
B. besides
C. because
D. except
? ?? ?满分:4??分
16.??Strict _____________ measures have been taken during the President's visit.
A. secure
B. security
C. safe
D. save
? ?? ?满分:4??分
17.??The furniture in his room is quite different _______ in yours.
A. from those
B. from that
C. from that one
D. from those ones
? ?? ?满分:4??分
18.??—It’s cold in here. Do you mind if I close the door?— __________________.
A. With pleasure
B. Yes, please
C. Of course not
D. Thank you
? ?? ?满分:4??分
19.??She's the only child in her family, but they didn't really _______ her.
A. hurt
B. damage
C. spoil
D. harm
? ?? ?满分:4??分
20.??— Hello, may I talk to the headmaster now? — ______________.
A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment
B. No, you can’t
C. Sorry, you can’t
D. I don’t know
? ?? ?满分:4??分
21.??The difference between an African elephant and an Asian one is that the former has
A. larger
B. the large
C. more larger
D. the largest
? ?? ?满分:4??分
22.??I don’t know why she avoids _______ her opinion on the subject.
A. to give
B. to be given
C. giving
D. being given
? ?? ?满分:4??分
23.??He studied hard in his youth, _________ contributed to his great success in later life.
A. that
B. it
C. what
D. which
? ?? ?满分:4??分
24.??— What can I do for you, madam? — __________________.
A. I want a kilo of apples
B. You can go your own way
C. Thanks
D. Excuse me. I’m busy
? ?? ?满分:4??分
25.??— Do you mind telling me where you’re from?— __________________.
A. Certainly. I’m from London
B. Sure. I was born in London
C. Not really, you can do it
D. Certainly not. I’m from London
? ?? ?满分:4??分

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